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Two weeks from today, 28 little bodies will walk through my classroom door. They will be nervous, they will be excited, they will be unsure, they will be ready. They will want the best from me just as I will want the best from them. They will be hoping that I am nice, that I will be fun. I will be hoping that they are ready to learn, that they are eager to be better students, and that they are well cared for. We will meet each others eyes, wondering what the other one has to offer. We will wonder what the year will bring. I will have plans for them, I will want them to meet the objectives, pass the test, make progress. I will have pressures and time lines. Eyes watching to make sure I am doing my job just as my eyes are watching them, keeping them in line. We will laugh, work, wonder, question, struggle, butt heads and yes there will be tears……probably from both of us. They will remember…..the words I said, the way I looked at them, some of the things I taught, the times we laughed, the trouble they got in and the lessons they learned. I will meet their parents, learn what their lives are like, the struggles they have, their special talents and their biggest hopes.

Will they walk away knowing that I cared? Will they know that I believed in them? Will they believe that I gave them my best? Will they know that I did everything I could? Will they know that they mattered to me? Most importantly will they see God’s love through me? Will they look at me and know that I am different because my life and my heart belong to the Lord? All those are things that I hope for. As I begin to make some preparations and plans I realize that there is a huge weight on my shoulders. This is not just a job, it is a mission, a passion, a responsibility. Am I up for it…….again?

So I pray. I pray that the Lord will give me the strength I need when I am too tired to give my all. I pray that the Lord protects those precious children from the dangers of the world around them. I pray that they will be loved and cared for, that no one will hurt them. I pray that they will believe in themselves and see that they have the potential to be more than they can imagine. I pray that God will help me to love, guide, teach and understand each one of them. I pray that the dramas of working in a school will be minimal and that the best interest of the children is ALWAYS the number one priority. I pray that at the end of the year I will be a better teacher than when the year began. I pray that I will turn to the Lord each and every moment of every day. I pray that I won’t forget to put him first in every situation. I pray that I live a life and teach in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. I pray my co workers will look at me and see that I live my life for my heavenly father, that they will see I’m different and know why. So many other things that I desire for in my job. All I can do is give it to the Lord. I will, I will trust him with this year, I will know that he is an amazing God who can and will take tender care of his precious children.

I give him the worries and anxiety I feel today. For I know that he has me in this position for a reason. May I bring glory to his name. May he bring calm to my heart and mind.

Lord it’s in your hands.


For the last four or five years I have planned to make something for my students for the first day of school.  The problem always came that I waited until the last week before school and as you can imagine there were many other things that would come up.  It always came to the last night before school and I would have to say, “I just don’t have the time.”  However this year I have planned ahead, amazing how that always helps!  Earlier this summer I saw an idea on pinterest that I wanted to give a try.  One of the places I saw this idea was at this website Rollo pencils!!


Things you will need:

Packages of Rollo’s candies

Hershey’s kisses

3 1/2 X 4 1/2 inch piece of yellow paper

1 X 3 1/2 inch piece of pink paper

1 inch pink circle

Small amount of tinfoil



I used a glue gun to attach all of the different pieces.  It worked very well, however I burned off the tips of nearly all my fingers.  (I’m thinking tape would be less hazardous.)

Attach the Hershey kiss to one end of the Rollo pack.


Put on the pink end circle as well as the 1 inch piece on the opposite end of the Rollo’s.


Next wrap the yellow paper around the middle of the roll.  I wrote on mine first, but you wouldn’t need to put on a message at all if you don’t want to.


The last thing that I added was a small amount of tinfoil around the bottom of the eraser.


I really like how these turned out.  I hope they bring smiles to my nervous 3rd graders on the first day of school.


Note to self……my next project will not involve a glue gun!

It’s in the Lord’s hands!

Two weeks ago I taught my last day of summer school.  I was looking forward to just taking some time off and not looking forward to getting back in the classroom.  I thought I just needed some time to do anything but school stuff.  Last week was super busy and I was looking forward to taking this week just for me.  Then a moment or two of weakness crept in and I thought about needing to get some supplies while they were on sale.  I needed some writing notebooks, some note book paper and pencils.  Having a few other errands to run I decided a stop at Wal mart and their school supply section would be a good idea.  As I was walking through filling my cart and cringing at the numbers that were adding up in my head another emotions started to bubble up inside me……..excitement!  Really?  Excitement?  I’ve barely had a summer am I really ready for this?

Yet here I am sitting at home with my new school supplies, starting to think of things that I could do to differently this year.  Ways I could be a better teacher, ideas for organizing my classroom and different strategies for teaching the same things.  Then it hits me……..I am so blessed.  I truly love my job!  An excitement builds up in me, I start thinking about ways that I can improve myself, ways that I can minister to the precious little bodies God gives me each year.  I find myself looking forward to that first day of school when they walk into my room and I have that clean slate  to work with.

Last year, I struggled.  It was a rough year for me personally and I didn’t have as much as I normally do to put into my students and yet somehow we all made it through.  I am so excited for this year, a fresh start, more of me to put into my students and my classroom.  Right now there are 27 little bodies on my class list.  I pray for them already, that somehow they will leave my class at the end of the year better people somehow embraced by the love of the Lord.  God use me to be for them exactly what they need.  Help me to love them unconditionally and pour into them all that you have for me to give.

So as my car is full of school supplies my heart is full of excitement and anticipation for what this year will bring.  I think it’s time to get working on some school projects!!


Let the school supply hoarding begin!

Lord it’s in your hands!