Day 5


Today I am thankful for my job. Besides the fact that it provides me with a consistent and stable living, is reliable, and always needed, it is my passion.

There are people in this world that would be thankful for even the worst job you could find.  Times are rough, for a lot of people.  To be able to say I have a job I love is something I pray I never take for granted.  I have always felt that no matter how hard your job is, no matter the criticism you take or the heartbreak it brings you, no matter the trials that come your way and inspite of the most difficult days ever, if you love your job you will be able to get up the next day and proceed to it with joy. 

I come home exhausted, worn out, drained, sore and emotionally tired most days, but I wake up ready to do it all again each and everyday.  My prayer is to become better at what I do each and every day.

Lord it’s in your hands!