Today begins November.  In the middle of my absolute favorite time of year.  Something magical happens this time of year.  Everything turns to radiant colors, the air is crisper, fresher,  maybe even cleaner.  It’s as if all the trees and bushes know that there time is short and they are determined to go down in a blaze of glory.  One last hurrah, one last moment to take someones breath away.  One last chance to stop us in our tracks and make us remember just how blessed we are.   Every trip down tree lined streets makes me feel as if I am witnessing first hand the masterfull work of my Heavenly father.   I suppose it has always made sense to me that we use this time of year to celebrate Thanksgiving.  For this is the time of year when my heart feels the most joy.  I know that for others this is unfortunately the most painful time of the year.  So many reminders of what once was that is no more.  Reminders of how alone they are, of how empty they feel. 

Social media has brought about the craze to post something that you are thankful for everyday  in the month of November.  I was originally very opposed to this.  It seemed to me that we should be posting something everyday of the year.  After all I owe my everything to the Lord.  Yet when I check myself, how can I find any fault in this as it is 30 more days than I have been spending each year listing what I am grateful for and blessed with.  So on the bandwagon I just and here begins my list of things I am thankful for.


My home.  One year ago today I was living in room 429 at a local motel.  My temporary home after a flood damaged my house  and while repairs were being done.  It was a challenging time.  As I am writing this I am sitting in my new house.  A beautiful, comfortable place that I call home.  A place that is a long ways from the where I was.  By the grace of God I have a new earthly home and I am so thankful.  My prayers for this place is that it will be used for all that is pleasing to the Lord.   That everything that happens in this home will bring glory to his name.

Lord it’s in you hands!