Sofa table3

To say that the summer has been a blur would be very accurate.  There was some summer school, some vacation, some family, some friends.  Oh yeah there was the small issue of selling my house, moving everything I own into a storage unit, bunking with the parents for the last 3 weeks, and now just days away from signing on a new house.  One week into the new school year and I find myself FINALLY with some free time for a project.  YEAH! Oh how I have missed it.

The new home has a few projects that come with it.  On one of many recent “strolls” through the Habitat For Humanity store brought me to meet this beauty.

Sofa Table5I should say that once again, I was unable to get the before picture before the deconstruction began.  (I have got to get faster at that. :-))  The top two drawers had lost their tracks and since I had visioned this piece going behind my couch as a sofa table I decided just to take them out and lower the top so it would be even with the couch.

Sofa Table

The rest of the piece was in amazingly good shape and was built solid.   I also really like the hardware, so all that was really needed was a paint job.  For a while now I have been hearing a lot about Annie Sloan Chalkpaint.   I have wanted to try it for a while and this piece was screaming for me to try.

Chalk paint

I knew I wanted this to be white so I chose the Pure White color.  There is definently a learning curve to this paint and if I had it to do again I would not have my first time using it be on such a large piece and probably not with white, but a little late for that.  I did have some issues with it but discovered that most of those were due to the fact that this particular shipment (according to the shop owner I bought it from) was much thicker than normal.  After adding some water and mixing it very well, I had much more success.  Over all I am pleased and will use it again.

Sofa Table4After painting and waxing the entire dresser I was quite excited to return the hardware and am super pleased with the end result.

sofa table2

Sofa table1Now if only I had a house to put it in……..

Lord it’s in your hands!