Lately my dad and I have had fun looking for new consignment and antique stores. We both love finding something that we can give new life. Today we visited a few new places and found our selves a few new projects. After all the dinning table is almost done!
Today we went into the Salvation Army store, kind of by accident but by the time we left we had found ourselves two new projects. (Big surprise I know)

The first one was one I have been hoping to do for a while now. Since I began my bedroom redo I knew I was going to need to change my lamp.
There it was in all its non working, bent up, shadeless glory.

I wasn’t able to get a before picture. Dad is way too fast with the deconstruction of things.
I repainted the main part of the lamp.

Yes I too surprised myself with the boldness of my color choice but why not????
The shade I found was a lovely shade of forest green.

I painted it gray and then covered it with some fabric. This was truly the most painful part of the project. Yuck!
It did need a new socket put in but that was much simpler than I anticipated.


I am quite pleased with the end result. This room needed a little more color.

Lord it’s in your hands!