Last weekend I began a project I had no idea I was going to end up doing.  It all started at the Habitat for Humanity store.  Yup that place again.  Such a dangerous and wonderful place all at the same time.  I was looking for some cupboard doors for  a special order from my ETSY shop.  Of course after I found what I was looking for I began to wander.  Now worse than me in the re-store is DAD and I in the restore.  You see I am the vision and he is the one who tells me how simple it would be to do.  Seriously risky combination.

In the past I had mentioned to him and showed him examples of some ideas for making my own headboard for my bed.  I had pretty much decided to wait until I had bought a new house, but since that has temporarly been put on hold, I’ve been thinking about it again.  We found just the perfect ingredients for said headboard, but I am going to save that for another post.  But let me just tell you I absolutely love it.  I tell you this so that you will understand where the whole “redecorate my bedroom on the the spur of the moment” thing started.

I was able to find an almost completely full gallon of gray paint there for $5.80.  Who knew??  I sure didn’t.  It was much darker than I wanted so I mixed it with some left over white paint I had in the basement.  In no time I had the exact color I was looking for.  Yeah!!!!  That night……it was a Saturday night thankfully…….I painted my entire bedroom.  I couldn’t wait.  It took two coats to cover up the dark brown and green I had in there but I loved it.

Since then I have been on a mission to redo my entire bedroom for under $100.  I’m not sure I am going to make it but I am going to try.

Paint……$5.80.  Not a bad start.

I have done a few different projects that I will save for other posts but this one was pretty fun.

I wanted something to hang above my bed and the new headboard, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple and fun.  I had picked out a piece of fabric that I like because of the colors.  Gray, blue and yellow.  This was my inspiration.

I used three 9X12 flat canvases on sale for $5.25.  (I had bought them for something else a while ago but never used them.)


I also had a very large supply of  paint chips.  Not too long about I found a Sherman Williams sample kit for sale on ebay.  It literaly has thousands of paint chips in it and I am pretty sure I can use it for 100’s of projects.  I’m not even sure if I used a $1 of them for this project so I will leave it out of my total cost.


I choose maybe 20 in different shades of gray, blue and yellow.

I then used a large circle punch to cut out many little circles.  I only had one size of punch so I cut some smaller ones out by hand so I would have different sizes.  Somehow I missed taking a picture of this.

I then covered my three pieces of canvas with a light yellow patterned fabric.  $6 for two fat quarters.  After they were covered using spray adhesive.  (I have a love hate relationship with this stuff) I then laid them side by side and used acrylic paint to paint the basic outline of a tree.


This is the point where I looked at this laying on the table and was very sure it was a complete bust.  “I could save the canvases” I thought “but the fabric is a loss.”  Before I tossed it I decided to begin laying the circles on to see if there was any way I could make it work.

Well let me tell you  I am as shocked as you that I was able to save the room in my trash can and actually use this.  I have decided if I was to do this again I would used a fine tip Sharpie instead of paint.  Lesson learned.

So for a total cost of $11.25 I have a new wall decoration for above my bed.  I plan to used command strips to  hang them but for now they are resting on the headboard.  I would love to do it again and make it look a bit more like a tree but I am somewhat endeared to my odd little tree.



Lord it’s in your hands!!