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Monthly Archives: February 2013


My mission to redo my bedroom for under $100 continued as I worked hard to find ways to add color.   Many different thoughts came to mind, however I know I wanted something very inexpensive to make and also something that would be easy to change out if down the road I am looking for another change……new colors.  I reserve the right to change my mind……always.

My great Aunt Helen was a painter.  Over her life time she has painted hundreds of different paintings.  From scenery to buildings, to people.  I believe she  painted what she saw.  Through her life as a missionary she saw and experienced many things.  I like to believe that it was her way of keeping track of her experiences.  I like to think each painting comes with quite a story.   As her travels took her to many lands over decades of time she collected many frames to use for her paintings.   Most of them were frames she found for cheap and reused. Last summer we moved her out of her apartment and into a nursing home.  As her health and mental state continued to deteriorate she needed more help than she could get in the place she was at.  This left us with many different frames that needed new homes.   

I have been blessed with the task of breathing new life into some of them.  I chose three of different sizes for this project.  The truth is that many of them are not in great shape and need a lot of work. 

Once again out came the electric sander.  After a good sanding and a few coats of white paint, followed by some more sanding they were ready to go.  I wanted to bring in the same colors and fabrics that I plan to use for my throw pillows.  (A future project, stay tuned)

I cut pieces of cardboard to fit into the frames and covered them with three different pieces of fabric. Since I used cardboard they could very easily be used as bulletin boards to hang notes, pictures or favorite verses.  For now I like the way they just add some color to the walls.





If you have been keeping track (since I know you have nothing better to do) so far I have spent $5.80 on a gallon of paint of which I still have some left over, $11.25 on the tree canvasas above the bed and now these framed fabric pieces for $8.97.

Total of $26.02 has been spent to this point in the journey.  Still not sure I can stay under budget but I am giving it my best. 

Next up????   A place for my keys as to avoid the last minute morning round of “hide and go seek” with them.

Lord it’s in your hands!



Last weekend I began a project I had no idea I was going to end up doing.  It all started at the Habitat for Humanity store.  Yup that place again.  Such a dangerous and wonderful place all at the same time.  I was looking for some cupboard doors for  a special order from my ETSY shop.  Of course after I found what I was looking for I began to wander.  Now worse than me in the re-store is DAD and I in the restore.  You see I am the vision and he is the one who tells me how simple it would be to do.  Seriously risky combination.

In the past I had mentioned to him and showed him examples of some ideas for making my own headboard for my bed.  I had pretty much decided to wait until I had bought a new house, but since that has temporarly been put on hold, I’ve been thinking about it again.  We found just the perfect ingredients for said headboard, but I am going to save that for another post.  But let me just tell you I absolutely love it.  I tell you this so that you will understand where the whole “redecorate my bedroom on the the spur of the moment” thing started.

I was able to find an almost completely full gallon of gray paint there for $5.80.  Who knew??  I sure didn’t.  It was much darker than I wanted so I mixed it with some left over white paint I had in the basement.  In no time I had the exact color I was looking for.  Yeah!!!!  That night……it was a Saturday night thankfully…….I painted my entire bedroom.  I couldn’t wait.  It took two coats to cover up the dark brown and green I had in there but I loved it.

Since then I have been on a mission to redo my entire bedroom for under $100.  I’m not sure I am going to make it but I am going to try.

Paint……$5.80.  Not a bad start.

I have done a few different projects that I will save for other posts but this one was pretty fun.

I wanted something to hang above my bed and the new headboard, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple and fun.  I had picked out a piece of fabric that I like because of the colors.  Gray, blue and yellow.  This was my inspiration.

I used three 9X12 flat canvases on sale for $5.25.  (I had bought them for something else a while ago but never used them.)


I also had a very large supply of  paint chips.  Not too long about I found a Sherman Williams sample kit for sale on ebay.  It literaly has thousands of paint chips in it and I am pretty sure I can use it for 100’s of projects.  I’m not even sure if I used a $1 of them for this project so I will leave it out of my total cost.


I choose maybe 20 in different shades of gray, blue and yellow.

I then used a large circle punch to cut out many little circles.  I only had one size of punch so I cut some smaller ones out by hand so I would have different sizes.  Somehow I missed taking a picture of this.

I then covered my three pieces of canvas with a light yellow patterned fabric.  $6 for two fat quarters.  After they were covered using spray adhesive.  (I have a love hate relationship with this stuff) I then laid them side by side and used acrylic paint to paint the basic outline of a tree.


This is the point where I looked at this laying on the table and was very sure it was a complete bust.  “I could save the canvases” I thought “but the fabric is a loss.”  Before I tossed it I decided to begin laying the circles on to see if there was any way I could make it work.

Well let me tell you  I am as shocked as you that I was able to save the room in my trash can and actually use this.  I have decided if I was to do this again I would used a fine tip Sharpie instead of paint.  Lesson learned.

So for a total cost of $11.25 I have a new wall decoration for above my bed.  I plan to used command strips to  hang them but for now they are resting on the headboard.  I would love to do it again and make it look a bit more like a tree but I am somewhat endeared to my odd little tree.



Lord it’s in your hands!!