I love everything about this time of year……..EVERYTHING!   I want to just slow things down and take it all in.  With the craziness of this last month and a half I am having a little bit of trouble finding my Christmas cheer and spirit.  I decided I needed to make a list of all the things I need to and want to do to feel like this is Christmas season. I am not thinking of this as a “to do” list but rather a “enjoy every moment of the Holidays” list.

1.  Put up lights outside the house.

2.  Go up to the mountains and cut down my Christmas tree.

3.  Make a JOY and HOPE sign. (more on this soon)

4.  Bake Cookies

5.  Build a snowman (ummm Lord I’m going to need your divine intervention for this one)

6.  Hot Cocoa and pepperment

7.  Make presents

8.  Make a wreath

9.  Cake pops

10. 5 random acts of kindness

11. Caroling

12.  Driving around to look at lights

13.  Have a holiday dinner at my house

14.  Watch Christmas movies

15. Listen to nothing but Christmas music at work and in the car. 

More to come……..

Better get working…..

Lord it’s in your hands!