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Monthly Archives: December 2012

About a week ago I was headed home from spending the weekend with my brother and his family.  It had been a great weekend of early Christmas celebration and family fun. As I started down the highway, I found myself very lost in thought.  I was simply enjoying the music, the view, the drive, the prayer time and before I knew it I began to realize the road was looking unfamiliar.  I had taken the trip dozens of times and knew it like the back of my hand.  Yet I found myself looking around knowing that something didn’t look right.  Slowly I came to the realization that I had missed my exit off of I-5 and was heading in the wrong direction.  Soon I would be in downtown Seattle, clearly not Yakima that I was headed towards.  In that moment I found myself overwhelmed with joy.  Yes, that’s right, joy.  It helped that I knew Seattle well enough to know that once I reached Safeco Field and the home of the Seahawks I could exit and get back in the right direction.  I smiled, laughed a little at myself and enjoyed the ride.  I was enjoying the journey more than anything and I knew that for some reason God was leading me in that direction for a reason.  Although I still don’t know the exact reason I do know that it felt just very right to follow him on this unexpected journey.

I had already decided to commit the drive to praying about something I was trying to make a decision on.  I guess he just wanted a few more minutes of my prayer time and devotion.  So I drove and I prayed and i soaked it in.  At the end of the drive (which included some very slow and slightly scary snow driving) I very much felt God leading me to something else.

So it is now that I announce my newest journey.  As of today I have officially opened my own Etsy shop.  Crazy I know, but I am excited to see what God has in store for this.  For the last two days I have been frantically building, painting, sanding, drilling, gluing, picture taking and working on web design.  It has been long and tiring but just like my unexpected and slightly lost journey on Sunday I am once again filled with the joy that comes when you follow the Lord’s leading.  I don’t know all the reason’s why he has led me to this but I am excited as always to see what he has in store. 

Introducing my store

Lord it’s in your hands!



For some reason I’m under the impression that I need to keep adding projects to my list of things to do before Christmas. Either that or I think my house is way under decorated. Neither of this is true but the process of getting these things done brings me joy and blesses me.
This may have been one of the easiest projects so far. I purchased a couple of styrofoam balls and push pins. I used some scrapbook flowers for a couple of the, and punched out paper flowers for the others. They turned out beautiful. They will be fun to add to. The top of a couple of packages.





Lord it’s in your hands!,,


Why I think I need to start projects late at night I will never understand. But here it is once again 11:00 at night and I am just finishing up two projects that I LOVE.
Tonight I made this trees out of wine corks. I must say far easier than I had thought they would be.
1. Wine corks from eBay
2. The ends dipped in a little paint
3 Hot glue to hold them together and a little bit of ribbon






Another project Was done tonight as well but I will save that as it is dawning on me that I will need to get up and somehow be a productive teacher tomorrow.

Lord it’s in your hands!


Holly Berry Joy Letters

I have accomplished my first task on my “Creating Holiday Cheer List” and I have to say it may be one of the favorite ones I will do.  This summer I started pinning Christmas projects on Pinterest.  Yeah yeah I know, but I will say this, I am so glad I did.  I have already accomplish a couple of them and love them.  One of the first things I just knew I HAD to do was this yarn letter Hope sign.  I loved them and could not wait to hang them on my wall.  Such a simple yet lovely decoration.  I always knew I would start by using the word Joy.  I will explain that in a little bit.  So I began the wrapping of the yarn and let me tell you there was NOTHING simple or easy about this for me.  I started with the letter “J” and two days later I had already decided I needed a new plan.


Okay so the “J” in the middle doesn’t look so bad does it?  If you look closer you will see that the entire back is covered in hot glue and looked terrible.  Some parts of the front had up to five layers of yarn and I still couldn’t cover all the white.  So a new plan was born.  I would use holly berries.  I love the color and look of them.

After cutting each holly berry off the pick, not my favorite part of the project, I began to hot glue them on to the letters.  This went much faster than I expected and even gluing them onto the sides of the letter was relatively painless.



They are so bright and cheery!

After getting all the berries on I glued green twine unto the back of the letters as a way to hang them on the wall.


I absolutely love the look of them hanging on my wall. 


Now to explain why I chose the word Joy.  I have been blessed by the opportunity to feel the joy of the Lord deep in my heart even when everything else was dark and painful.  There is nothing like resting in the simple Joy of knowing our Heavenly Father.  True Joy is not dependent on the circumstances we are living but on the One we are living for.  I will forever be thankful for the Joy of the Lord in my heart.

I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, down in my heart…..


Down in my heart to stay.

Lord it’s in your hands!

I love everything about this time of year……..EVERYTHING!   I want to just slow things down and take it all in.  With the craziness of this last month and a half I am having a little bit of trouble finding my Christmas cheer and spirit.  I decided I needed to make a list of all the things I need to and want to do to feel like this is Christmas season. I am not thinking of this as a “to do” list but rather a “enjoy every moment of the Holidays” list.

1.  Put up lights outside the house.

2.  Go up to the mountains and cut down my Christmas tree.

3.  Make a JOY and HOPE sign. (more on this soon)

4.  Bake Cookies

5.  Build a snowman (ummm Lord I’m going to need your divine intervention for this one)

6.  Hot Cocoa and pepperment

7.  Make presents

8.  Make a wreath

9.  Cake pops

10. 5 random acts of kindness

11. Caroling

12.  Driving around to look at lights

13.  Have a holiday dinner at my house

14.  Watch Christmas movies

15. Listen to nothing but Christmas music at work and in the car. 

More to come……..

Better get working…..

Lord it’s in your hands!

Exactly six weeks ago today (almost to the minute) I came home to rushing water, flooded basement and water I many rooms upstairs. I still remember the panic, the rush to stop the water and the emergency crew that came to begin the clean up. Today I came home to beautiful new floors in my kitchen and dining room. An almost completely new bathroom and for the first time in six weeks I feel like I have my house back. There is trim work left to do and many things to be put away. But I am so ready to just sigh a deep breath.

So thankful to the many people who have supported me in so many ways for so long. I can’t wait to finish decorating for Christmas and just be home.