For about the last 10 years my mom has been collecting Nativity scenes.  We are always keeping our eyes open for new, fun and creative nativity scenes. So as I have been browsing Pinterest I have been pinning fun ideas that maybe we make ourselves.  When I saw this one here I knew it was perfect.

I used acrylic paint and tried to use mostly natural colors.  I wanted them to look simple and a little rustic.  The things you will need to complete this are pretty simple and the project was fun and quick.

1 – 6in 2×2

1 – 5in 2×2

1 – 2×3 (I made mine about 3/4 in thick)

2 – 1 1/2in wooden balls

1 – 1/2in wooden ball

Hot glue gun


I had so much fun doing this and am excited to use them as gifts and decorations this year.


Lord it’s in your hands!