Jeremiah 31:25  I will refresh the weary and satisy the faint. 

Day 3

Today I am thankful for rest.  Beautiful wonderful rest.  The last week has been exhausting Mentally, physically and emotionally.  I longed for rest in every way and yet felt tremendous pressure to get everything done.  No time for rest, no time to stop, no time to regroup.  Yet today there was rest in three amazing ways.

1.  Bed – God has blessed me with a very comfortable bed while I can’t be in mine and I SLEPT!!  So rested and refreshed.  Thankful….

2.  Bubbles – The best part of being in a hotel?   Hot tub!!!  Best thing for a weary, sore body.  Thankful….

3.  Brain – My brain needed rest and Gd has provided it to me today.  I was able to get a lot of work down and yet at the end of the day I feel so rested.  Thankful….

Lord it’s in your hands!