Month of thanks…….

Day 2

Psalms 147:7 Sing to the Lord with Grateful praise; make music to our God on the harp.

Today I am thankful for my house not selling.  Yup that’s right, for 5 months I have been praying that my house would sell.  Now I’m saying I am glad that it didn’t?  Let me explain.  At the end of all of those prayers I asked for God’s will and timing.  I understood that he knew things that I didn’t know.  I knew that I wanted his best for me and was willing to let him direct that path.  

One week ago today I came home to a house completely flooded.  The result of a one inch slit in a hose under the bathroom sink.  That one inch slit flooded my house and caused significant damage.  For one week I have been living in a hotel, dealing with insurance details and waiting for things to dry, work to be done……waiting…….waiting.   It has been such a rough rough week no doubt.  My brain is fried, I can’t take anything else in and I am exhausted.  Physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.

I wouldn’t want to do this week over for sure but there is one thought that keeps popping up.  What if I had sold my house and this happened to the new homeowner?  I would feel just horrible.  Can you imagine being a new homeowner, just trying to get settled, just starting an insurance policy, just beginning a life in a new home.  So for that I am so thankful.  God knew the timing of all of this.  He knew that the home would not sell before this happened.  His timing is never to be questioned.  So thank you Lord for my house not selling.

Lord it’s in your hands!