I shared what I did to display the brain breaks for my classroom this year in my post “Because every brain needs a break.”   As promised here is a list of some of the brain breaks that I use in my classroom.  I am sure I will be adding more as I go.  Each activity is planned to be done in 1 minute and 3 at the most.

1.  Beach ball – We simply use a beach ball and the class must keep it above there heads for the full minute.  Can be done in their seats or while standing.

2.  6 corners – There are six places in the classroom.  While the music is on the students move around the room and when it stops they need to be in one of the six places.  I roll the die and whatever number I roll those students are still “in” and the rest must return to their seats.  I keep rolling the die until there is only one student remaining.

3.  Would you rather – I have a set of “Did you know?” cards.  This is the child version of the game “would you rather”.  I read some of the cards to the students and they get to pick what is there choice. 

4.  10 push ups, 20 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups.

5.  Dance party – I put on a favorite song for the class to dance to.

6.  Seat switch – Everybody stands behind their desks and I call out some characteristics such as everybody wearing stripes and anyone with that characteristic must switch seats with someone else with that characteristic.

7.  Slap me 5 – Everybody gives 5 people a high 5.

8.  Skip Counting – This is right in line with our math curriculum.  I pick a number we have to count by and we try to get through the whole class.  Every time we count by a number we try to beat the time it took us on our last try.

9.  Sign language ABC’s.

10.  Telephone – The well known childhood game of telephone.  I give a message that students whisper in each other’s ears.  We see how close we can get it to the original message.

11.  The Wave

12.  Comedian – Students get to take turns telling appropriate jokes.

13.  Simon says

There will no doubt be more to come but this is what I am starting with.  I have done all of these in the past but plan to do them much more intentionally and more often.

Lord it’s in your hands!