Two weeks ago I taught my last day of summer school.  I was looking forward to just taking some time off and not looking forward to getting back in the classroom.  I thought I just needed some time to do anything but school stuff.  Last week was super busy and I was looking forward to taking this week just for me.  Then a moment or two of weakness crept in and I thought about needing to get some supplies while they were on sale.  I needed some writing notebooks, some note book paper and pencils.  Having a few other errands to run I decided a stop at Wal mart and their school supply section would be a good idea.  As I was walking through filling my cart and cringing at the numbers that were adding up in my head another emotions started to bubble up inside me……..excitement!  Really?  Excitement?  I’ve barely had a summer am I really ready for this?

Yet here I am sitting at home with my new school supplies, starting to think of things that I could do to differently this year.  Ways I could be a better teacher, ideas for organizing my classroom and different strategies for teaching the same things.  Then it hits me……..I am so blessed.  I truly love my job!  An excitement builds up in me, I start thinking about ways that I can improve myself, ways that I can minister to the precious little bodies God gives me each year.  I find myself looking forward to that first day of school when they walk into my room and I have that clean slate  to work with.

Last year, I struggled.  It was a rough year for me personally and I didn’t have as much as I normally do to put into my students and yet somehow we all made it through.  I am so excited for this year, a fresh start, more of me to put into my students and my classroom.  Right now there are 27 little bodies on my class list.  I pray for them already, that somehow they will leave my class at the end of the year better people somehow embraced by the love of the Lord.  God use me to be for them exactly what they need.  Help me to love them unconditionally and pour into them all that you have for me to give.

So as my car is full of school supplies my heart is full of excitement and anticipation for what this year will bring.  I think it’s time to get working on some school projects!!


Let the school supply hoarding begin!

Lord it’s in your hands!