So here it is… my cute little home. (Although I am going to pretend any weeds you see are not mine).   Seven years of love, hard work and much trial and error.  I still look at this place as a real blessing from the Lord.

So why sell?

Good question.  Simple answer………because I want to.  I don’t have to sell, I’m not in a desperate situation, I didn’t lose my job and I’m not being forced to move and I’m not in financial trouble with it.  First of all, my little brother Matt is my hero.  He has down syndrome and is the joy of our family in so many ways.  He often stays with me when my parents want to get away or just for a change of pace for him.  I have a second bedroom that he stays in when he is with me.  Well let’s be honest he has the bed and the rest of the room belongs to my craft supplies.  Yes you heard it, a whole room for just my craft supplies.  Pathetic?  Maybe, but I’m not apologizing.  So I have this dream of having a craft room.  Well the truth is, it is more than a dream I have been collecting old bookcases from yard sales, painting and refinishing them.  I have a plan a vision of what it will look like.  I know what color the walls will be, what all the shelving will look like.  I know how I am going to be making the work table for the middle room.  I have designs for making the closet into a little office space.  Just one little problem……..I DON’T HAVE A CRAFT ROOM.  So the search begins.  I have so far found a few house that I think would be great, but there is just a minor set back in that I have to sell min first.

So about five weeks ago the journey began.  All the little repairs were done and it was time to release it to the public.  People where going to come flying through the doors waving cash above there heads as they rushed to pay more than asking price.  Yeah crazy I know but I have an eternal hopeful streak in me.  I have nothing to complain about I have had plenty of interest, even one offer, but it always amazes me that we want more, we want better, we want faster and we want it now.  God and I have daily conversations about this and I must give it to him again all the time.  Thank you Lord for your patience.

I will tell you I have learned some things in this whole process.  If you are thinking of selling your home here are a few things you can be sure of.

1.   You will keep your home super clean all the time and the one moment you have a little bit of a mess, someone will call from your driveway asking to see the house right now.

2.  If you have a basement I will guarantee that it will flood at least once why you are trying to sell.  Doesn’t matter that it hasn’t flooded in three years it will, don’t worry and keep the old towels handy.

3.  You will suddenly have to replace every light bulb in the house and you will probably discover it just as you are walking a prospective buy through the home.

4. You can almost count on this……as soon as you put your house up for sale 4-5 other homes on your street will go on the market within days.  Yup even those neighbors who have lived in their homes for 30+ years.

All this being said, like everything else in my life it is a learning experience.

Lord it’s in your hands.