A few things you should know about me right from the start….

1. I love to be crafty, creative and endlessly messy. I would much rather spend hours creating something new and fun than I would cleaning up that mess I just made.

2. I am extremely thankful for and passionate about my job as a teacher. I absolutely love what I do and can’t imagine my life without my students. They drive me crazy on a daily basis and challenge me to be a better person and teacher. They say the best things and give me many moments of entertainment.

3. I am deeply in love with the Lord. I strive to live my life in way that is pleasing to him and honors him on a daily basis. I am a work in progress who frequently falls short of the glory of God. Yet his grace and mercy pulls me through. I fall deeper in love with him everyday. I can’t wait to see all he has in store for this child of his.

As you read this I am guessing these are the three topics you will hear most often. If funny things kids say, lessons from a mighty God and new craft and cooking projects (good and bad) are of no interest to you than read no further.

If I have learned anything in the last year it is this……I am firmly planted in the hands of my Heavenly Father. I might make plans but it will never fail that He has better ones for me. I might face mountains that are far beyond my capability to climb but He can put me on His shoulders and leap over them with a single step. I may feel pain that keeps me from breathing and is beyond anything that can be healed, but He is the mighty healer. I may often wish to be someone else, something different but I am a masterpiece that He looks upon and smiles. His fingerprints are all over me and I am nothing without Him. Falling in love with the Lord has become the greatest pleasure of my life. One year ago things were rough….very rough. I jumped in His arms and He has carried me through. Now I find myself in the midst of making some changes in my life. Some very scary, some very exciting but I have placed them all in God’s hands. “Where He leads I will follow.”

What changes you ask? Seven years ago I bought my first place. A small little two bedroom and one bath house that quickly became my home. Hundreds of hours of great memories with a few hours of not so great memories. 10-15 gallons of paint, a refinished bathroom and kitchen. New appliances, refinished hardwood floors, new carpet, underground sprinklers, repainting outside and a slightly damaged brand new couch because I failed to measure it before trying to get it in the front door. It’s a completely different place. I have learned a lot here for sure. Don’t flush your cell phone down the toilet, you will never get it back. A storage place over the basement stairs can be very dangerous to a kind friend who is doing you a favor and putting your Christmas decorations away. Thankfully the house is two blocks from the hospital and broken bones do heal. This home has been a blessing from the Lord and I am so thankful for the opportunities that were presented here. Lots of love, laughter, creativity and growing have taken place here.

Now I have decided to try and sell. So hard to be patient and trust God’s plan in this process but I have no doubt I will be where he wants me to be. So I wait and hunt for a new place to call home. The list of projects I have in mind for the new house grows each day. I better get busy.

First I want to share what I am most thankful for today. Oh the list is super long but today I once again was reminded that I am so blessed to have friends to call up and talk to when my mind and heart can’t fully wrap around the things being thought and felt. Thank you Lord for Godly people in my life that will not only listen but will pray.

So thankful to be his child!