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Monthly Archives: July 2012

About a year and a half ago I started playing around with making cake pops. I started making them for holidays, for gifts, treats for my students and just for fun.  It is a quick way to impress somebody and if you have never tried one they are truly tasty.  It seem like a way to get in your cake cravings without indulging in the 850 calorie piece of three layer chocolate cake.  Okay I know it is no match but it’s something right.  Anyway it is a fun thing to do on occassion.  Although not hard by any means it is a time consuming process and not something I would want to do everyday or even every week.  As time has gone on I have become known for my cake pops.  Two weeks ago I made some for a friend’s daughter’s “Olivia” themed birthday party.  It has been fun to try different things and make them cuter.  Some turn out and some…..well….

Here are a few of the ones I have done so far.





Christmas cake pops.


Super bowl Sunday.


Olivia birthday party.

So as you can see it has been fun and there is so much you can do with them.  So tomorrow I am about to embark on my biggest cake pop challenge.  Two of my very best friends are getting married on Friday.  They have asked me to make cake pops for their favors.  I am honored to do it.  Did I mention I am making 350?  Umm yeah.  I have recruited extra hands and will be holding a mini cake pop making class before we being the job.  So if you don’t hear from me by the end of the week you can probably assume I am in the corner somewhere crying from the stress.  These poor volunteers helping me have no idea what they are getting into.

Lord this too is in your hands!






My 93 year old great aunt has lived an amazing life.  I’m not sure I could list all of the countries she visited or lived in.  For years she was a missionary in Africa.  Lived for a time in Paris, Spain, Florence, and many more I am not sure of.  So when it became very clear a couple of months ago that she needed to be moved to a nursing home we knew the task of cleaning out her tiny little apartment would be a large one.  She was a self proclaimed artist.  We found nearly 150 paintings in her apartment.  far more than we could give homes to.  There were antique pieces of furniture, enough vintage jewelry for entire cabaret show and Tupperware to store enough food for a year.  Of course amongst those things were bag after bag of trash.  Junk, useless things that no one can fathom why they were there.  Now I’m sure you can imagine that myself being a crafty person often likes to collect pieces of junk and see what I can make them into.  I was good, so proud of myself.  Passing up possible project after possible project, However I couldn’t pass it all up.  I collected hundreds of buttons she had saved as well as clothespins and a couple pieces of furniture that I will be re-purposing in the near future.  Along with those things I found a small stack of metal trays.  Now when I tell you that these were ugly……I meant it.  But there had to be some possibly in there right?Image



So you have seen the pictures and you know what I was working with.  Earlier this week my aunt asked if we could have a crafting day.  We both work in schools so free time is ample at this time of year or should be at least.  So then began the transformation.  There was glue, paint, chalkboard paint, ribbons magnets and lots of time.  I think we did okay.  🙂


Magnetic button checker board!


Chalk, magnet board.  I had some old flowered scrapbook paper that I cut apart. Not sure what I will do with it yet but know it could make a great gift for someone else.


My Aunt’s master piece, a gift for her best friend.

So as I told you before I am a very messy crafter.  It’s an organized mess of course (or at least that is what I tell myself.)  So it would  be expected then that someone would show up at the door to look at the house.  Yup just knocked right on the door.  Of course I let him in, I think it is a rule that you never turn away a prospective buyer.  So I gave him that messy tour and blessing upon blessing he came back later to show his girlfriend who would be the one buying the place.  As always they say what a wonderful place it is and how much they love it.  Then they walk away and it is in God’s hands.  Always so hard to wait but I just keep putting my trust in him.

On a completely different note there was a near death in the home last night.  My brand new smoke detector was very close to losing all it’s ability to function.  At about 3:30 a.m. I woke up.  Not really sure why I had woken up I decided to use the bathroom.  There was a sudden loud piercing sound and I realized what had taken me from my slumber.   Before all the connections were made I am sure I missed about a dozen heart beats and was at a level of alertness that no one should have at 3:30 in the morning.  After a very quick battery removal and a few moments of terror the alarm was quiet and I spent the next two hours trying to find sleep again.  I have been in a place of struggling for peace the last few days.  I feel God’s presence all around me.  I know the next week or two are going to be tough but I have no doubt that the Lord will provide me with everything I need for each moment.  Last night I was able to take a huge step thanks to his strength and although it left me restless in my sleep and struggling to feel that peace, I knew it was what God wanted me to do and someday I will look back and be so glad that it occurred.  I find myself on my knees all day just praying for God to carry my burdens and calm my heart.  I know that everything that has happened in the last year has been God’s will for my life.  I won’t hide that it has been the most painful time of my life and I have cried more tears than I thought were possible to come from one human being.  I still hurt but I long for joy and I know God will bring it to me.  I know better days are to come and I know the great healer is at work. I am such a blessed human being with so much to give praise for.  Father may your peace wash over my heart and your joy be the strongest feeling I have. 

It’s in your hands Lord!

So here it is… my cute little home. (Although I am going to pretend any weeds you see are not mine).   Seven years of love, hard work and much trial and error.  I still look at this place as a real blessing from the Lord.

So why sell?

Good question.  Simple answer………because I want to.  I don’t have to sell, I’m not in a desperate situation, I didn’t lose my job and I’m not being forced to move and I’m not in financial trouble with it.  First of all, my little brother Matt is my hero.  He has down syndrome and is the joy of our family in so many ways.  He often stays with me when my parents want to get away or just for a change of pace for him.  I have a second bedroom that he stays in when he is with me.  Well let’s be honest he has the bed and the rest of the room belongs to my craft supplies.  Yes you heard it, a whole room for just my craft supplies.  Pathetic?  Maybe, but I’m not apologizing.  So I have this dream of having a craft room.  Well the truth is, it is more than a dream I have been collecting old bookcases from yard sales, painting and refinishing them.  I have a plan a vision of what it will look like.  I know what color the walls will be, what all the shelving will look like.  I know how I am going to be making the work table for the middle room.  I have designs for making the closet into a little office space.  Just one little problem……..I DON’T HAVE A CRAFT ROOM.  So the search begins.  I have so far found a few house that I think would be great, but there is just a minor set back in that I have to sell min first.

So about five weeks ago the journey began.  All the little repairs were done and it was time to release it to the public.  People where going to come flying through the doors waving cash above there heads as they rushed to pay more than asking price.  Yeah crazy I know but I have an eternal hopeful streak in me.  I have nothing to complain about I have had plenty of interest, even one offer, but it always amazes me that we want more, we want better, we want faster and we want it now.  God and I have daily conversations about this and I must give it to him again all the time.  Thank you Lord for your patience.

I will tell you I have learned some things in this whole process.  If you are thinking of selling your home here are a few things you can be sure of.

1.   You will keep your home super clean all the time and the one moment you have a little bit of a mess, someone will call from your driveway asking to see the house right now.

2.  If you have a basement I will guarantee that it will flood at least once why you are trying to sell.  Doesn’t matter that it hasn’t flooded in three years it will, don’t worry and keep the old towels handy.

3.  You will suddenly have to replace every light bulb in the house and you will probably discover it just as you are walking a prospective buy through the home.

4. You can almost count on this……as soon as you put your house up for sale 4-5 other homes on your street will go on the market within days.  Yup even those neighbors who have lived in their homes for 30+ years.

All this being said, like everything else in my life it is a learning experience.

Lord it’s in your hands.

A few things you should know about me right from the start….

1. I love to be crafty, creative and endlessly messy. I would much rather spend hours creating something new and fun than I would cleaning up that mess I just made.

2. I am extremely thankful for and passionate about my job as a teacher. I absolutely love what I do and can’t imagine my life without my students. They drive me crazy on a daily basis and challenge me to be a better person and teacher. They say the best things and give me many moments of entertainment.

3. I am deeply in love with the Lord. I strive to live my life in way that is pleasing to him and honors him on a daily basis. I am a work in progress who frequently falls short of the glory of God. Yet his grace and mercy pulls me through. I fall deeper in love with him everyday. I can’t wait to see all he has in store for this child of his.

As you read this I am guessing these are the three topics you will hear most often. If funny things kids say, lessons from a mighty God and new craft and cooking projects (good and bad) are of no interest to you than read no further.

If I have learned anything in the last year it is this……I am firmly planted in the hands of my Heavenly Father. I might make plans but it will never fail that He has better ones for me. I might face mountains that are far beyond my capability to climb but He can put me on His shoulders and leap over them with a single step. I may feel pain that keeps me from breathing and is beyond anything that can be healed, but He is the mighty healer. I may often wish to be someone else, something different but I am a masterpiece that He looks upon and smiles. His fingerprints are all over me and I am nothing without Him. Falling in love with the Lord has become the greatest pleasure of my life. One year ago things were rough….very rough. I jumped in His arms and He has carried me through. Now I find myself in the midst of making some changes in my life. Some very scary, some very exciting but I have placed them all in God’s hands. “Where He leads I will follow.”

What changes you ask? Seven years ago I bought my first place. A small little two bedroom and one bath house that quickly became my home. Hundreds of hours of great memories with a few hours of not so great memories. 10-15 gallons of paint, a refinished bathroom and kitchen. New appliances, refinished hardwood floors, new carpet, underground sprinklers, repainting outside and a slightly damaged brand new couch because I failed to measure it before trying to get it in the front door. It’s a completely different place. I have learned a lot here for sure. Don’t flush your cell phone down the toilet, you will never get it back. A storage place over the basement stairs can be very dangerous to a kind friend who is doing you a favor and putting your Christmas decorations away. Thankfully the house is two blocks from the hospital and broken bones do heal. This home has been a blessing from the Lord and I am so thankful for the opportunities that were presented here. Lots of love, laughter, creativity and growing have taken place here.

Now I have decided to try and sell. So hard to be patient and trust God’s plan in this process but I have no doubt I will be where he wants me to be. So I wait and hunt for a new place to call home. The list of projects I have in mind for the new house grows each day. I better get busy.

First I want to share what I am most thankful for today. Oh the list is super long but today I once again was reminded that I am so blessed to have friends to call up and talk to when my mind and heart can’t fully wrap around the things being thought and felt. Thank you Lord for Godly people in my life that will not only listen but will pray.

So thankful to be his child!